Andaman & Nicobar Administration

Telephone Directory

Sl. No. Designation Office Fax
1Secretary (Education)230661231146
2Director of Education232777230101
3Assistant secretary (Education)232720
4Deputy Director Education (Admin)230277
5Deputy Director Education (Academics)232415
6Deputy Director Education (Plg.)234938
7Deputy Director Education (Perl.)245498
8Asst. Director (Admn-I)232449
9Asst. Director (Admn-II)245498
10Sr. Accounts Officer232505232505
11Statistical Officer234170
12Asst. Accounts Officer232505
13Asst. Director(PE)244905
14Deputy Director Education (Science)230918
15State Project Officer SSA/RMSA237180
16Deputy Director of Education (Text Book)232664
17Principal (State Institute of Education)232730
18State Library232433
19Sarva Shisksha Abhiyan Office237180
20Principal, DIET251149
21Dy Education Officer (South Andaman)232665
22Dy. Education Officer (Wimberlygunj)255256255256
23Dy. Education Officer (Rangat)274240274240
24Zonal officer, little Andaman284300
25Dy. Education Officer (Diglipur)272212272212
26Dy. Education Officer (Mayabunder)273240273240
27Education officer (Car Nicobar)265947
28Deputy Director Education (Perl.)245498
29Asst. Education Officer (Nancowry)263225263225
30Asst. Director (Admn-II)245498
31Zonal Officer, Campbell bay264240
32Establishment Section232449
33Accounts Section232505
34Sports Section244905
35CBSE/ Planning Section234939
36Statistical Section231939